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8 November 2021 - 12 November 2021
Brno, Czech Republic
Contact-Contract MSV 2021

Feedback and References

“After the disruption of last year, this year’s event was full of both anxiety and expectation. Happily, the positive feelings outweighed the negative, and this year’s event offered a great many interesting contacts and opportunities. I am delighted that Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce is up and running again and its B2B along with it!”

Jan Keprda, Managing Director of the company ASTRA MOTOR, spol. s r.o.

“What did our visit to BVV and the Engineering Fair give us and take from us?

What it gave us:
- an overview of developments on the market and of how engineering firms are modernising and the direction in which they want to move forwards technologically.
- we had the chance of seeing how our competitors are doing. 🌍🧭
- the Contact-Contract event organised by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce gave us the chance of addressing potential business partners, and we took advantage of this opportunity. 👍👌
- we reached co-operation agreements with a number of partners. 🤝🏻
- we took part in an interesting free seminar about the use of social networks for business.

What it took from us:
- a bit of time.

When I compare the pluses and minuses, I have to say that our two-day visit to the fair clearly paid off.
So it has become a new element to our business strategy.
We will be taking part in events of this kind on a regular basis from now on.”

Eva Bajerová from the company OKdron s.r.o. took part in Contact-Contract for the first time (original contribution on LinkedIn)

“The continuing advantage of the event is the chance of looking at the profiles of the companies taking part, studying what they are offering or seeking on the marketplace, and targeting the arrangement of meetings accordingly. As someone who is rather shy at heart, this makes it easier for me to address potential business partners than I could at the kind of ‘networking events’ where they simply let businessmen loose and who they meet is left purely up to their own individual assertiveness. Our company’s shift from education and consultancy towards becoming a more comprehensive project firm makes the situation easier for us in that we are not trying to sell ourselves at any price at CC. We are looking for partners, suppliers and (it goes without saying :) clients, so I generally get a lot of invitations for talks. I don’t reject any of them if it is at all possible from the organisational perspective. Even the seemingly least productive talks often turn into excellent business opportunities or co-operation.

This year’s event was still overshadowed by Covid and the associated restrictive measures, though I am delighted to see it being held again and delighted that we were able to meet up in person. Half-hour meetings in a respirator are bearable, and you could easily run outside afterwards for some fresh air in the Land of the Free outside the exhibition hall before your next meeting. There were fewer participating companies and meetings than there were in 2019, but even so we managed to hold ten planned meetings on the spot and will be having more on-line, and we have also arranged meetings to take place after the fair. Apart from that, it was nice to meet up at the event and at the social evening at the Regional Chamber of Commerce with businessmen we have talked to in previous years, many of which we are now working with for real.

I am convinced that face-to-face contract events of this kind are of great importance at such a time, or perhaps particularly at such a time. I got the chance of making up for the lack of social contact after so many on-line meetings. It is also certainly a good thing that the event has its accompanying on-line section, giving us the chance of seeing foreign participants and/or those who were unable to make it to the event due to illness, quarantine, etc. Today, it seemed like we could all meet up with anyone we wanted at any time. But this is a wonderful opportunity to force yourself to put off any urgent matters and devote yourself for three days to the development of the business, knowing that the people you are talking to are doing the same thing, and it would be a great shame not to take advantage of this opportunity. I would like to thank Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and its partners for organising this event. I am sure their great energy and enthusiasm will continue in the years to come.”

Ladislav Buček, Executive Director of EVERESTA s.r.o.

“I take part in Contact-Contract every single year, except for the Covid years. In comparison with previous years, even if the number of companies taking part in C-C and the number of exhibitors at MSV in Brno was considerably smaller, I get the feeling that the talks we held were of a far higher standard and offered better prospects. I am convinced that we have managed to find new business partners who will work with us on production for our existing customers.

We also needed to gain a slightly greater overview of supplementary products in European and regional development, since our aim in 2022 is to expand and extend our production to take in assemblies. The aim is to make existing production more efficient and perhaps to automate certain processes and cover the needs of our existing customers (partners) as well as new customers. In short, to offer comprehensive services and ready products to meet their needs and the needs of possible new business partners.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce for their wonderful organisation and their individual approach. We are sure that our future plans will prove successful with your help.”

Jaroslav Dohnal, Owner of DV4 Ipsum s.r.o.

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